My Apple IIGS

I get nostalgic from time to time when remembered of or see toys, games, or other thing from my childhood, and go out on a hunt to find the item and recapture the joy and amazement of years past.  After searching off and on for a couple of years I had come across a craigslist ad for an Apple IIgs computer complete with monitor and printer for 60 dollars.  Mind you the usually go for that for just the computer on eBay then, shipping on top of that.  So I jumped on it and after a short trip across the Hudson river I am now the proud owner of an Apple IIgs.

I first used an apple two back in elementary school.  Back then Macs were just starting to become relatively popular, IBM still ruled the PC world, and Microsoft Windows was still in its infancy.  Computers were a quite magical and mysterious device back then because most people only used them in school or at work, and not many owned one personally at home.  Today computers are everywhere, at home, school, work, the cellphone in your pocket.  The original apple II clocked in at MHz, my iPhone clocks in at 1Ghz.  My phone is 1000x faster than the computers I learned to use as a child!

Back to the Apple II I bought, as with other devices made of plastic  It became yellowed over time due to the flame retardants used in the manufacture of the plastic and their reaction with heat and ultraviolet light.  To counteract this yellowing effect some ingenious people have developed a concoction called RetroBrite.  This combination of chemicals can reverse the yellowing of plastics as the pictures below will show.  Check out the retrobrite site for information and directions on reversing the yellowing of your old computers and game consoles.


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