Mortal Kombat PS3 Demo

I just tried out the demo of Mortal Kombat and WOW it looks awesome.  It seems a little oversexed, with over simplified controls.  Mileena is scantily dressed with large breasts, which seems to happen in most incarnations of fighting games these days.  I was shocked at how simple some of the moves were, granted back in Mortal Kombat’s heyday you didn’t have a moves list that you could access on the arcade game or your SNES or Genesis.  I also never pulled off a fatality back in the day as they usually required some crazy string of button combos that i never learned.  Overall so far te game seems well made.  It goes back to its roots as a 2d fighter with a little 3d mixed in, call it 2.5D.  2D fighting system with 3D models.  I eagerly await its release.  Check out this demonstration video from E3.


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